There are many luxury watch brands, but few have as long and as interesting of a history as , a company that has officially been in existence since 1787. Years prior to going into business with his son, Arnold opened his first workshop in London in 1762. Arnold’s work quickly rose to fame, and he attracted a wealthy clientele after he presented King George III the world’s smallest repeating watch at that time. Arnold is not only famous for his timepieces, but for the significant role he played in many important horological finds of his day. Alongside other watchmakers, he was a pioneer in finding the technology necessary to determine longitude and was awarded several grants and awards from the British Parliament. Arnold’s timepieces played such a vital role in the horological world during the 18th and 19th centuries that they were utilized by famous explorers on their discoveries to the Americas, China, etc. Napoleon Bonaparte even presented an Arnold astronomical clock to the breitling replica watches  Observatory of Milan in 1802.With a history as rich as this, it is easy to see why Arnold Son would continue to create timepieces which pay homage to their early predecessors. An example of one timepiece in particular that was made with the spirit of John Arnold’s work is the limited to 30 pieces Arnold Son Grand Moon Tourbillon.

This striking timepiece is reminiscent of Arnold’s other piece’s that were created to aid in maritime navigation. Arnold is known for playing a key part in the development of the marine chronometer; a time telling device that was accurate enough to be used portably and could be used to determine longitude by means of celestial navigation. Celestial navigation is a technique used by sailors to navigate without having to rely on estimates or dead reckoning. It uses measurements taken between the sun, moon, a planet or a star and the horizon to navigate from place to place. It is fitting that Arnold Son would create a timepiece which features the night sky, specifically the moon and constellations in the Grand Moon Tourbillon.
Arguably the most unique feature this timepiece boasts is its retrograde moon phase function. The function’s cycle was calculated so that it mirrors the moon’s exact synodic period. Meaning the Grand Moon Tourbillon can calculate the exact time required for the moon to return to the same position relative to the Sun as seen by an observer on the Earth.

Complications are not the only impressive feature this watch has, it is also aesthetically breathtaking. With its retrograde hand-painted moon phase, deep blue dial decorated with constellations and hour markers made of white diamonds, and 48 baguette-cut blue sapphires, this piece is clearly for a special gentleman. The man who would wear this replica breitling impressive timepiece would have a desire to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement with the timepiece on his wrist.
The 47mm case of the Grand Moon Tourbillon is made of 18K rose gold and has a transparent caseback so that the watch’s high-end mechanics are visible. This piece also boasts a strong, richly colored brown crocodile leather strap with an 18K rose gold deployment buckle.

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